Comments - unable to START MySQL server at BOOT "systemctl enable mysqld.service" does not work

9 years ago Elena Stepanova

I see that you have already found the corresponding Fedora bug#1014311, and even left a comment there, but apparently you did not read the previous 21 comments. Please do; not only do they answer your question there "Is this a known issue?", but also explain in detail what the reason of the issue is.

9 years ago Asif Cyberdome

Actually, I did real all the comments on that BUG report page. Please, understand I am completely NEW to this. So, the information was completely jibberish to me. I did not understand what they were talking about. I am sorry about that.

I did see that they said something about symbolic links. and tried copying the file into a specific directory. The mysqld.service file or think the mariadb.service. I just realized recently that Fedora has departed with MYSQL and teamed up with MariaDB. I am doing my best to learn. I just re-read all the comments in that page. So, far I did notice someone tried to run the command,

"systemctl enable mariadb.service" and that has worked from them. I will try that command my server and see what happens. It has something to do with Symbolic links. and the mysqld.service is a symbolic link. So, it makes sense to use mariadb.service command.

Migrating from MySQL to MariaDB has caused few issues. But I think we can get through it. At leaset, for being completely NEW to this, At least, I did my research. I have some people who just blindly post on Linux forums for their work assignments and without doing any work?

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