MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.0.3 Release Notes

The most recent Stable (GA) release of MariaDB Connector/ODBC is:
MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.2.2

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Release date: 8 Feb 2018

This is a Stable (GA) release of MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.0.

MariaDB Connector/ODBC 3.0.3 is built on top of MariaDB Connector/C v.3.0.3 and uses the binary prepared statement protocol.

Bug Fixes

  • ODBC-134: Fetch would fail if an unbound column contained NULL and if that column some arbitrary descriptor field that was set by the application (but not length/indicator buffer pointers). The bug affected ADO, as that is something it can do in some cases with CursorLocation adUseClient
  • ODBC-119: The connector ordered SQLStatistics results using the wrong columns. This could cause MS Access to pick the wrong column as a unique index.
  • ODBC-131: While linking a table, MS Access threw an error when it received an unexpected length for SQLSMALLINT and SQLINTEGER columns in a SQLColumns resultset.
  • ODBC-126: Core dump when procedure returned more than 1 result set
  • ODBC-123: Crashes reading a MariaDB table with LibreOffice
  • ODBC-120: Performance issue. Connector did redundant calls of mysql_stmt_data_seek


For a complete list of every change made in this release, with links to detailed information on each push, see the changelog.

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