Comments - Should MariaDB Docker Containers really be using MacOS setting for lower_case_table_names when hosted in Windows?

1 month, 1 week ago Julian Egelstaff

Further context... our Docker container is mapping the /var/lib/mysql folder to a folder on the host file system. This is no doubt a core part of the issue, and why the detection is doing what it's doing.

HOWEVER, when the host file system is MacOS, the lower_case_table_names setting is 2, presumably correctly, but this seems to break phpMyAdmin dumps for the same reason described above.

So I think there's actually a deep issue in MariaDB related to the case sensitivity of table names when CREATE TABLE statements are run in a series of commands with other commands, or.... ?? Because I understand why I might need to override this and set 1 on Windows. But surely on a MacOS hosted Docker image, this should work correctly when set to 2?

1 month, 1 week ago Julian Egelstaff

Correction: Works OK in Docker hosted on MacOS. So this is indeed just a Windows issue.

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