Comments - MariaDb Crashing after some wordpress posts

7 years, 10 months ago Nuno Carapito

"yum update" updates MariaDb ? Couldn't find it on the update list sadly.

7 years, 10 months ago C Manns


Get the repo file for your OS, since you mention yum.

Since I don't know whether you installed via yum or rpm.

1) mysqldump --all-databases > /path/to/storage/for/db/backup.sql

2) rpm -qa | grep MariaDB

3) Once the Mariadb repo is installed try yum upgrade && yum update mariadb-server - you'll see the packages with yum search mariadb.

4) If that errors because of the 5.5.40 packages then rpm -e <name of mariadb packages from step 2) then re-install those packages from the "yum search mariadb" list.

Lastly you may need to run mysql_upgrade

7 years, 10 months ago Elena Stepanova

An additional note: if you upgrade to 5.5.43, please make sure you are not affected by this issue: MDEV-8115 (the known way to be affected is having views over tables with BLOB or TEXT columns). If you do have those, but not too many, the easiest way to work around the problem is the one that people mentioned in the comments to the issue: drop the views, run mysql_upgrade, then re-create the views.

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