Connect Spring Hibernate and C3p0 application to Mariadb through SSL certificate authentication.

I have created application in Spring,Hibernate and c3p0 which is now connecting to Mysql database. now we are migrating our application to MariaDB (Server version: 5.5.5-10.0.7-MariaDB Source distribution) through SSL.

following is the configuration file that we are using to connect to Mysql database

jdbc.initialPoolSize=10 jdbc.maxPoolSize=30 jdbc.minPoolSize=5 jdbc.acquireIncrement=3 jdbc.acquireRetryAttempts=0 jdbc.preferredTestQuery=SELECT 1 jdbc.idleConnectionTestPeriod=600 jdbc.numHelperThreads=10 jdbc.debugUnreturnedConnectionStackTraces=true jdbc.mydbUsername=myuser


<bean id="mydbCommon" class="com.mchange.v2.c3p0.ComboPooledDataSource" abstract="true" destroy-method="close"> <property name="driverClass" value="${jdbc.rptdbDriverClassName}"/> <!-- Common properties for all DS --> <property name="initialPoolSize" value="${jdbc.initialPoolSize}"/> <property name="maxPoolSize" value="${jdbc.maxPoolSize}"/> <property name="minPoolSize" value="${jdbc.minPoolSize}"/> <property name="acquireIncrement" value="${jdbc.acquireIncrement}"/> <property name="acquireRetryAttempts" value="${jdbc.acquireRetryAttempts}"/> <property name="preferredTestQuery" value="${jdbc.preferredTestQuery}"/> <property name="idleConnectionTestPeriod" value="${jdbc.idleConnectionTestPeriod}"/> <property name="numHelperThreads" value="${jdbc.numHelperThreads}"/> <property name="debugUnreturnedConnectionStackTraces" value="${jdbc.debugUnreturnedConnectionStackTraces}"/> </bean> <bean id="mydb" parent="mydbCommon"> <property name="jdbcUrl" value="${jdbc.mydbUrl}"/> <property name="user" value="${jdbc.mydbUsername}"/> </bean>

we are able to connect to DB server through command line using following command

mysql -h -P3306 -umyuser --ssl-ca ca.crt --ssl-cert app.crt --ssl-key my-key.key

now how can I specify --ssl-ca,--ssl-cert and --ssl-cert files while connecting to MariaDB through Hibernate and c3p0. or what is the steps to connect to MariaDB database through SSL using c3p0 and hibernate.

Answer Answered by Daniel Black in this comment.


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