MariaDB MaxScale 1.2.1 Release Notes

MariaDB MaxScale 1.2.1 Release Notes

1.2.1 GA

This document details the changes in version 1.2.1 since the release of the 1.2.0 version of MaxScale.

Here is a list of bugs fixed since the release of MaxScale 1.2.0.

  • MXS-380: Upgrade overwrites existing /etc/maxscale.cfg
  • MXS-376: MaxScale terminates with SIGABRT
  • MXS-374: Maxscale is running under 'root' in Ubuntu/Debina
  • MXS-356: Connection timeouts for authentication are not configurable
  • MXS-349: SSL connections are unstable
  • MXS-339: RPM installations overwrite maxscale.cnf
  • MXS-335: Crash in readwritesplit
  • MXS-328: Read-Write router frees buffer after write (which also frees)
  • MXS-325: Maxinfo HTTP interface leaks memory
  • MXS-324: HTTPD protocol leaks memory
  • MXS-322: Available_when_donor is not working
  • MXS-314: Read Write Split Error with Galera Nodes
  • MXS-306: User authentication fails when using a large number of users
  • MXS-305: Do not build packages into / with make package
  • MXS-270: Crash with MySQLBackend protocol module
  • MXS-207: MaxScale received fatal signal 11 (libreadwritesplit)

Known Issues and Limitations

There are a number of limitations within this version of MaxScale. For a complete list of them, please read the Limitations document.


Both RPM and Debian packages are available for MaxScale in addition to the tar based releases previously distributed we now provide

  • CentOS/RedHat 5

  • CentOS/RedHat 6

  • CentOS/RedHat 7

  • Debian 6

  • Debian 7

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise 11

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise 12


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