MaxScale 1.0.1 Beta New Features

MariaDB MaxScale 1.0.1 Beta Release Notes

1.0.1 Beta

This document details the changes in version 1.0.1 since the release of the 1.0 beta of the MaxScale product.

New Features

CMake build system

Building MaxScale is now easier than ever thanks to the introduction of CMake into the build process. Building with CMake removes the need to edit files, specify directory locations or change build flags, in all but the rarest of the cases, and building with non-standard configurations is a lot easier thanks to the easy configuration of all the build parameters.

Here’s a short list of the most common build parameters,their functions and default values.

Variable Purpose Default value
INSTALL_DIR Root location of the MaxScale install /usr/local/skysql/maxscale
STATIC_EMBEDDED Whether to use the static or the dynamic version of the embedded library No
OLEVEL Level of optimization used when compiling No optimization
INSTALL_SYSTEM_FILES If startup scripts should be installed into /etc/init.d and ldconfig configuration files to /etc/ Yes
BUILD_TYPE The type of the build. ‘None’ for normal, ‘Debug’ for debugging and ‘Optimized’ for an optimized build. None

Details on all the configurable parameters and instructions on how to use CMake can be found in the README file.


The polling mechanism in MaxScale has been modified to overcome a flaw which mean that connections with a heavy I/O load could starve other connections within MaxScale and prevent query execution. This has been resolved with a more fairer event scheduling mechanism within the MaxScale polling subsystem. This has led to improve overall performance in high load situations.

Bug Fixes

A number of bug fixes have been applied between the 1.0 beta release and this release candidate. The table below lists the bugs that have been resolved. The details for each of these may be found in

ID Summary
462 Testall target fails in server/test to invalid MAXSCALE_HOME path specification
467 max_slave_replication lag is not effective after session creation
468 query_classifier : if parsing fails, parse tree and thread context are freed but used
469 rwsplit counts every connection twice in master - connection counts leak
466 hint_next_token doesn't detect =<value> pair if there are no spaces around '='
470 Maxscale crashes after a normal query if a query with named hint was used before
473 Entering a hint with route server target as '=(' causes a crash
472 Using a named hint after its initial use causes a crash
471 Routing Hints route to server sometimes doesn't work
463 MaxScale hangs receiving more than 16K in input
476 mysql_common.c:protocol_archive_srv_command leaks memory and accesses freed memory
479 Undefined filter reference in maxscale.cnf causes a crash
410 maxscale.cnf server option is not parsed for spaces
417 Galera monitor freezes on network failure of a server
488 SHOW VARIABLES randomly failing with "Lost connection to MySQL server"
484 Hashtable does not always release write lock during add
485 Hashtable not locked soon enough in iterator get next item
493 Can have same section name multiple times without warning
510 Embedded library crashes on a call to free_embedded_thd
511 Format strings in should be const char*
509 rw-split sensitive to order of terms in field list of SELECT
507 rw-split router does not send last_insert_id() to master
490 session handling for non-determinstic user variables broken
489 @@hostname and @@server_id treated differently from @@wsrep_node_address
528 Wrong service name in tee filter crashes maxscale on connect
530 MaxScale socket permission
536 log_manager doesn't write buffers to disk in the order they are written
447 Error log is flooded with same warning if there are no slaves present
475 The end comment tag in hints isn't properly detected.
181 Missing log entry if server not reachable
486 Hashtable problems when created with size less than one
516 maxadmin CLI client sessions are not closed?
495 Referring to a nonexisting server in servers=... doesn't even raise a warning
538 maxscale should expose details of "Down" server
539 MaxScale crashes in session_setup_filters
494 The service 'CLI' is missing a definition of the servers that provide the service
180 Documentation: No information found in the documentation about firewall settings
524 Connecting to MaxScale from localhost tries matching @ grant
481 MySQL monitor doesn't set master server if the replication is broken
437 Failure to detect MHA master switch
541 Long queries cause MaxScale to block
492 In dcb.c switch fallthrough appears to be used without comment
439 Memory leak in getUsers
545 RWSplit: session modification commands weren't routed to all if executed inside open transaction
543 RWSplit router statistics counters are not updated correctly
544 server with weight=0 gets one connection
525 Crash when saving post in Wordpress
533 Drupal installer hangs
497 Can’t enable debug/trace logs in configuration file
430 Temporary tables not working in MaxScale
527 No signal handler for segfault etc
546 Use of weightby router parameter causes error log write
506 Don’t write shm/tmpfs by default without telling the user or giving a way to override it
552 Long argument options to maxadmin and maxscale broke maxadmin commands
521 Many commands in maxadmin client simply hang
478 Parallel session command processing fails
499 make clean leavessoem .o files behind
500 "depend: no such file warnings during make
501 log_manager, query classifier rebuilds unconditionally
502 log_manager and query_classifier builds always rebuild utils
504 clean rule for Documentation directory in wrong makefile
505 utils/makefile builds stuff unconditionally, misses "depend" target
548 MaxScale accesses freed client DCB and crashes
550 modutil functions process length incorrectly


Both RPM and Debian packages are available for MaxScale in addition to the tar based releases previously distributed we now provide

  • CentOS/RedHat 5 RPM

  • CentOS/RedHat 6 RPM

  • Ubuntu 14.04 package


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