MaxScale 1.1 Release Notes

MariaDB MaxScale 1.1 Release Notes

1.1 GA

This document details the changes in version 1.1 since the release of the 1.0.5 GA Release of the MaxScale product.

New Features

High Performance Binlog Relay

Replicate Binlog from the master to slave through MaxScale as simplified relay server for reduced network load and disaster recovery

Database Firewall Filter

Block queries based on columns in the query, where condition, query type(select, insert, delete, update), presence of wildcard in column selection, regular expression match and time of the query

Schema Sharding Router

Route to databases sharded by schema without application level knowledge of shard configuration

Hint based routing

Pass hints in the SQL statement to influence the routing decision based on replication lag or time out

Named Server Routing

Routing to a named server if incoming query matches a regular expression

Canonical Query logging

Convert incoming queries to canonical form and push the query and response into RabbitMQ Broker for a RabbitMQ Client to later retrieve from

Nagios Plugin

Plugin scripts for monitoring MaxScale status and performance from a Nagios Server

Notification Service

Receive notification of security update and patches tailored to your MaxScale configuration

MySQL NDB cluster support

Connection based routing to MySQL NDB clusters

Updated installation path

MaxScale is now installed into /usr/local/mariadb-maxscale

Bug Fixes

A number of bug fixes have been applied between the 1.0.5 GA and this GA release. The table below lists the bugs that have been resolved. The details for each of these may be found in or in the former Bug database

ID Summary
MXS-80 "show sessions" can crash MaxScale
MXS-79 schemarouter hangs if client connects with empty database
MXS-78 "USE" statement gives unpredictable/unexpected results
MXS-76 core/dbusers.c needs better error messages
MXS-74 Crash when no arguments given to on_queries clause
MXS-72 dbfwfilter on_queries clause appears to be ignored
MXS-71 dbfwfilter at_times clause seems to erroneously block user
MXS-68 Wrong rule name in dbfwfilter leads to MaxScale crash
MXS-65 Omitting <any|all|strict_all> in users directive causes crash in
MXS-63 Maxkeys and Maxpasswd log to /tpm
MXS-57 MaxScale should write a message to the error log when config is not found
MXS-54 Write failed auth attempt to trace log
MXS-50 Removing 1.0.5 RPM gives error about /etc/
MXS-47 Session freeze when small tail packet
MXS-5 Possible memory leak in readwritesplit router
736 Memory leak while doing read/write splitting
733 Init-script deletes bin/maxscale
732 Build is broken: CentOS/RHEL 5 and SLES 11
730 Regex filter and shorter than original replacement queries MaxScale
729 PDO prepared statements bug introduced in Maxscale 1.0.5
721 Documentation suggests SIGTERM to re-read config file
716 $this->getReadConnection()->query('SET @id = 0;');
709 "COPYRIGHT LICENSE README SETUP" files go to /usr/local/mariadb-maxscale/ after 'make package'
704 "make testall" returns success status (exit code 0) even on failures
698 Using invalid parameter in many maxadmin commands causes MaxScale to fail
693 Freeing tee filter's orphaned sessions causes a segfault when embedded server closes
690 CPU/architecture is hardcoded into debian/rules
686 TestService fails because of the modules used in it aren't meant for actual use
677 Race condition in tee filter clientReply
676 "Write to backend failed. Session closed." when changing default database via readwritesplit with max_slave_connections != 100%
673 MaxScale crashes if "Users table data" is empty and "show dbusers" is executed in maxadmin
670 Tee filter: statement router loses statements when other router gets enough ahead
665 Core: accessing freed memory when session is closed
659 MaxScale doesn't shutdown if none of the configured services start
648 use database is sent forever with tee filter to a readwrite split service
620 enable_root_user=true generates errors to error log
612 Service was started although no users could be loaded from database
600 RWSplit: if session command fails in some backend, it is not dropped from routing session
587 Hint filter don't work if listed before regex filter in configuration file
579 serviceStartProtocol test crashes
506 Don't write to shm/tmpfs by default without telling and without a way to override it
503 TOC in the bundled PDFs doesn't link to actual sections
457 Please provide a list of build dependencies for building MaxScale
361 file_exists() *modifies* the file it checks for???
338 Log manager spread down feature is disabled
159 Memory leak. Dbusers are loaded into memory but not unloaded

Known Issues

There are a number bugs and known limitations within this version of MaxScale, the most serious of this are listed below.

  • The Read/Write Splitter is a little too strict when it receives errors from slave servers during execution of session commands. This can result in sessions being terminated in situation in which MaxScale could recover without terminating the sessions.

  • MaxScale can not manage authentication that uses wildcard matching in hostnames in the mysql.user table of the backend database. The only wildcards that can be used are in IP address entries.

  • When users have different passwords based on the host from which they connect MaxScale is unable to determine which password it should use to connect to the backend database. This results in failed connections and unusable usernames in MaxScale.

  • Service init script is missing after upgrade from 1.0 in RPM-based system. Can be fixed by reinstalling the package ('yum reinstall maxscale' or 'rpm -i --force /maxscale-1.1.rpm')

  • Binlog Router Plugin is compatible with MySQL 5.6
    Binlog Router Plugin currently does not work for MariaDB 5.5 and MariaDB 10.0

  • LONGBLOG are currently not supported.

  • Galera Cluster variables, such as @@wsrep_node_name, are not resolved by the embedded MariaDB parser.

  • The Database Firewall filter does not support multi-statements. Using them will result in an error being sent to the client.


Both RPM and Debian packages are available for MaxScale in addition to the tar based releases previously distributed we now provide

  • CentOS/RedHat 5

  • CentOS/RedHat 6

  • CentOS/RedHat 7

  • Debian 6

  • Debian 7

  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

  • Ubuntu 13.10

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • Fedora 19

  • Fedora 20

  • OpenSuSE 13

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise 11

  • SuSE Linux Enterprise 12


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