MaxScale and SSL

MaxScale and SSL

MaxScale supports client side SSL connections. Enabling is done on a per service basis and each service has its own set of certificates.

SSL Options

Here are the options which relate to SSL and certificates. Parameter|Values |Description ---------|-----------|-------- ssl | disabled, enabled, required |disable disables SSL, enabled enables SSL for client connections but still allows non-SSL connections and required requires SSL from all client connections. With the required option, client connections that do not use SSL will be rejected. ssl_cert | path to file |Path to server certificate ssl_key | path to file |Path to server private key ssl_ca_cert | path to file |Path to Certificate Authority file ssl_version|SSLV3,TLSV10,TLSV11,TLSV12,MAX| The SSL method level, defaults to highest available encryption level which is TLSv1.2 ssl_cert_verify_depth|integer|Certificate authority certificate verification depth, default is 100.


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