MaxScale 21.06 Change Data Capture (CDC) Protocol

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Change Data Capture (CDC) Protocol

CDC is a new protocol that allows compatible clients to authenticate and register for Change Data Capture events. The new protocol must be use in conjunction with AVRO router which currently converts MariaDB binlog events into AVRO records. Change Data Capture protocol is used by clients in order to interact with stored AVRO file and also allows registered clients to be notified with the new events coming from MariaDB 10.0/10.1 database.

Creating Users

The users and their hashed passwords are stored in /var/cache/maxscale/<service name>/cdcusers where <service name> is the name of the service.

For example, the following service entry will look into /var/cache/maxscale/CDC-Service/ for a file called cdcusers. If that file is found, the users in that file will be used for authentication.


If the cdcusers file cannot be found, the service user (maxuser:maxpwd in the example) can be used to connect through the CDC protocol.

For more details, refer to the CDC users documentation.

Protocol Phases

Connection and Authentication

  • Client connects to MaxScale CDC protocol listener.
  • Send the authentication message which includes the user and the SHA1 of the password

In the future, optional flags could be implemented.


  • Sending UUID
  • Specify the output format (AVRO or JSON) for data retrieval.

Data Request

  • Send CDC commands to retrieve router statistics or to query for data events

Protocol Details


The authentication starts when the client sends the hexadecimal representation of the username concatenated with a colon (:) and the SHA1 of the password.

bin2hex(username + ':' + SHA1(password))

For example the user foobar with a password of foopasswd should send the following hexadecimal string

foobar:SHA1(foopasswd) ->  666f6f6261723a3137336363643535253331

Server returns OK on success and ERR on failure.




Register as a client to the service.


REGISTER UUID=11ec2300-2e23-11e6-8308-0002a5d5c51b, TYPE=AVRO

Server returns OK on success and ERR on failure.

Change Data Capture Commands



This command fetches data from specified table in a database and returns the output in the requested format (AVRO or JSON). Data records are sent to clients and if new AVRO versions are found (e.g. mydb.mytable.0000002.avro) the new schema and data will be sent as well.

The data will be streamed until the client closes the connection.

Clients should continue reading from network in order to automatically gets new events.


REQUEST-DATA db1.table1
REQUEST-DATA dbi1.table1.000003
REQUEST-DATA db2.table4 0-11-345

Example Client

MaxScale includes an example CDC client application written in Python 3. You can find the source code for it in the MaxScale repository.


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