MaxScale 21.06 Change Data Capture (CDC) users

Change Data Capture (CDC) users

Change Data Capture (CDC) is a new MaxScale protocol that allows compatible clients to authenticate and register for Change Data Capture events. The new protocol must be use in conjunction with AVRO router which currently converts MariaDB binlog events into AVRO records. Clients connect to CDC listener and authenticate using credentials provided in a format described in the CDC Protocol documentation.

Note: If no users are found in that file or if it doesn't exist, the only available user will be the service user:


Creating new CDC users

Starting with MaxScale 2.1, users can also be created through maxctrl:

maxctrl call command cdc add_user <service> <name> <password>

The <name> should be the service name where the user is created. Older versions of MaxScale should use the script.

bash$ [-h] USER PASSWORD

The output of this command should be appended to the cdcusers file at /var/lib/maxscale/<service name>/.

bash$ user1 pass1 >> /var/lib/maxscale/avro-service/cdcusers

Users can be deleted by removing the related rows in 'cdcusers' file. For more details on the format of the cdcusers file, read the CDC Protocol documentation.


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