MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.2 Release Notes -- 2018-12-03

MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.2 Release Notes -- 2018-12-03

Release 2.3.2 is a GA release.

This document describes the changes in release 2.3.2, when compared to the previous release in the same series.

For any problems you encounter, please consider submitting a bug report on our Jira.

Changed Features


The systemd watchdog is now safe to use in all circumstances.

By default it is enabled with a timeout of 60 seconds.



The default value of connection_keepalive is now 300 seconds. This prevents the connections from dying due to wait_timeout with longer sessions. This is especially helpful with pooled connections that stay alive for a very long time.


The monitor by default assumes that hostnames used by MaxScale to connect to the backends are equal to the ones backends use to connect to each other. Specifically, for the slave connections to be properly detected the Master_Host and Master_Port fields of the output to "SHOW ALL SLAVES STATUS"-query must match server entries in the MaxScale configuration file. If the network configuration is such that this is not the case, the setting assume_unique_hostnames should be disabled.

New Features

  • MXS-1598 heartbeat replication don't support multimaster

Bug fixes

  • MXS-2189 optimistic_trx is rolled back if master fails
  • MXS-2188 MaxScale crashing when replicating
  • MXS-2187 Transaction replay is only attempted once
  • MXS-2186 SHOW DATABASES is routed to the master
  • MXS-2184 event_number is not incremented for updates
  • MXS-2179 Watchdog notifications must be generated also when users are fetched.
  • MXS-2178 Admin operations may cause systemd watchdog to be triggered.
  • MXS-2167 Monitors should be able to use extra_port
  • MXS-2158 Node rejoin fails, if the node was never a slave (but was master before going down)

Known Issues and Limitations

There are some limitations and known issues within this version of MaxScale. For more information, please refer to the Limitations document.


RPM and Debian packages are provided for supported the Linux distributions.

Packages can be downloaded here.

Source Code

The source code of MaxScale is tagged at GitHub with a tag, which is identical with the version of MaxScale. For instance, the tag of version X.Y.Z of MaxScale is maxscale-X.Y.Z. Further, the default branch is always the latest GA version of MaxScale.

The source code is available here.


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