MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.5 Release Notes -- 2019-04-02

MariaDB MaxScale 2.3.5 Release Notes -- 2019-04-02

Release 2.3.5 is a GA release.

This document describes the changes in release 2.3.5, when compared to the previous release in the same series.

For any problems you encounter, please consider submitting a bug report on our Jira.

Bug fixes

  • MXS-2412 Service serialization is broken
  • MXS-2410 Hangup delivered to wrong DCB
  • MXS-2409 Schemarouter crashes if PREPARE or EXECUTE is malformed
  • MXS-2403 Masking filter should check subqueries
  • MXS-2402 Masking filter should check unions
  • MXS-2398 Recognize MariaDB specific executable comments
  • MXS-2396 Masking filter should examine user variables
  • MXS-2394 global setting "substitute_variables" is rejected as unknown global parameter
  • MXS-2393 Masking filter should check parse result of query classification.
  • MXS-2392 Masking filter should examine statement being prepared
  • MXS-2390 Masking and DBFW filters should reject statement prepared from variable
  • MXS-2389 Fix executable comment handling
  • MXS-2379 JSON Interface not work with Maxscale 2.3
  • MXS-2374 Binlogfilter can break replication if last event is ignored
  • MXS-2373 Generated configs for filters does not include module
  • MXS-2370 Query timeout warning message does not print reason of timeout
  • MXS-2368 maxctrl requires password on command line and cannot change user password
  • MXS-2365 Wrong classification of queued queries in readwritesplit
  • MXS-2359 LIKE clause in SHOW TABLES is ignored by schemarouter
  • MXS-2357 maxctrl documentation for alter service, include use_sql_variables_in
  • MXS-2355 MaxScale does not let mysql client 8.0.15 to connect with password
  • MXS-2342 maxadmin commands hang when master pod deleted after failover occurs
  • MXS-2337 schemarouter in 2.3.4 doesn't show all tables from all backends
  • MXS-2326 Routing hints are ignored when reconnection is required
  • MXS-2325 Disabled events are enabled on promoted slave upon failover
  • MXS-2323 Connections to servers in maintenance aren't closed
  • MXS-2292 Allow PAM user and group mapping to work with more specific host than '%'
  • MXS-1991 Why MariaDBMon complain about replication_user and replication_password?

Known Issues and Limitations

There are some limitations and known issues within this version of MaxScale. For more information, please refer to the Limitations document.


RPM and Debian packages are provided for supported the Linux distributions.

Packages can be downloaded here.

Source Code

The source code of MaxScale is tagged at GitHub with a tag, which is identical with the version of MaxScale. For instance, the tag of version X.Y.Z of MaxScale is maxscale-X.Y.Z. Further, the default branch is always the latest GA version of MaxScale.

The source code is available here.


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