MariaDB MaxScale Notification Service and Feedback Support

MariaDB MaxScale Notification Service and Feedback Support


The purpose of Notification Service in MariaDB MaxScale is for a customer registered for the service to receive update notices, security bulletins, fixes and workarounds that are tailored to the database server configuration.

MariaDB MaxScale Setup

MariaDB MaxScale may collect the installed plugins and send the information's nightly, between 2:00 AM and 4:59 AM.

It tries to send data and if there is any failure (timeout, server is down, etc), the next retry is in 1800 seconds (30 minutes).

This feature is not enabled by default: MariaDB MaxScale must be configured in [feedback] section:


The activation code that will be provided by MariaDB Corporation Ab upon request by the customer and it should be put in feedback_user_info.



MariaDB MaxScale generates the feedback report containing following information:

  • The activation code used to enable feedback
  • MariaDB MaxScale Version
  • An identifier of the MariaDB MaxScale installation, i.e. the HEX encoding of SHA1 digest of the first network interface MAC address
  • Operating System (i.e Linux)
  • Operating System Distribution (i.e. CentOS release 6.5 (Final))
  • All the modules in use in MariaDB MaxScale and their API and version
  • MariaDB MaxScale server UNIX_TIME at generation time

MariaDB MaxScale shall send the generated feedback report to a feedback server specified in feedback_url.

Manual Operation

If it’s not possible to send data due to firewall or security settings the report could be generated manually (feedback_user_info is required) via MaxAdmin.

MaxScale>show feedbackreport

Report could be saved to report.txt file:

$ maxadmin show feedbackreport > ./report.txt

curl -F data=@./report.txt

Report Example:

FEEDBACK_SERVER_UID     6B5C44AEA73137D049B02E6D1C7629EF431A350F
FEEDBACK_USER_INFO      0467009f-b04d-45b1-a77b-b6b2ec9c6cf4
VERSION 1.0.6-unstable
NOW     1425914890
PRODUCT maxscale
Uname_sysname   Linux
Uname_distribution      CentOS release 6.5 (Final)
module_maxscaled_type   Protocol
module_maxscaled_version        V1.0.0
module_maxscaled_api    1.0.0
module_maxscaled_releasestatus  GA
module_telnetd_type     Protocol
module_telnetd_version  V1.0.1
module_telnetd_api      1.0.0
module_telnetd_releasestatus    GA


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