MariaDB Plans - Replication

Note: This page is obsolete. The information is old, outdated, or otherwise currently incorrect. We are keeping the page for historical reasons only. Do not rely on the information in this article.

We are discussing points for the replication part of the MariaDB roadmap.

So far discussed:

  • Replication filters, like --replicate-do-db and friends, need to be possible to change dynamically, without having to restart the server. Having to stop the slave should ideally also not be needed, but is less of a problem. (complete)
  • Transactional storage of slave state, rather than file-based and . So the slave can recover consistently after a crash. (complete)
  • Global transaction ID, so the slave state becomes recoverable, and facilitate automatic moving a slave to a new master across multi-level hierarchies. (complete)
  • Support in global transaction ID for master_pos_wait() (complete)
  • Hooks around rotation of the binlog, so user can configure shell commands when a new log is started and when it is ended. The command must be run asynchroneously, and get the old and new log file name as arguments.
  • Sending of heartbeats from master to slaves, so slaves starting up can know in finite time where the master is.
  • Replication APIs, as per MWL#107
    • Most important MWL#120 and MWL#133, for obtaining and applying events.
    • Then a mechanism for prioritising transactions.


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