MariaDB - Replication Warnings in Log


Our slaves are logging the following:

110110 20:55:38 [Warning] Statement may not be safe to log in statement format. Statement: UPDATE tablename_line SET
                                        stock_type                      = '',
                                        product_id                      = 58755,
                                        product_qty                     = 1,

We're getting hundreds of them, each one listing a statement. In this case each table is MyISAM. I've not checked to see if this is also impacting INNODB tables.

How do we set to ignore these warnings and not log them. Also it would be nice to just eliminate these warnings and still have other warnings. Our system is heavily transaction oriented, and so we are getting our logs flooded with these messages.

Any help would be appreciated.


Found that this is logged on the MySQL website as a known issue. Im sorry to inconvenience you with the question. Looks like we need to go to MIXED mode replication i guess. We shall investigate further.


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