MariaDB with Heartbeat on CentOS 7

Hello, I am looking so setup MariaDB in an HA master-slave configuration using HAProxy and a failover tool. I have anecdotally heard that Heartbeat is an option for failover. However, I am running into issues with Heartbeat as a failover tool.

First, I have seen in several places that Heartbeat is deprecated, and is not in CentOS 7 repositories. Do people still actively use Heartbeat as a failover tool for MariaDB? Or, are other HA tools like Corosync with Pacemaker the commonly used tools for failover.

If Heartbeat is still a viable option for MariaDB, I am looking for some help with the configuration. Heartbeat does not seem to have much good documentation online, so I am unsure of what it even can handle. Can Heartbeat handle promoting a slave to master during a failover for MariaDB via the necessary changes to the database configurations on each node? Does Heartbeat simply just handle cluster membership and communication? If Heartbeat can handle MariaDB failover, some guidance or direction (maybe to a suitable guide) would be helpful.



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