• Install Xcode from Apple (free registration required): http://developer.apple.com/tools/xcode/ or from your Mac OS X installation disk (macports needs XCode >= 3.1, so if you do not have that version or greater you will need to download the latest version, which is 900+ MB)


Install bzr

First install gtk with aqua interface (if you prefer the X11 variant just remove "+quartz" and "+no_x11" from the following lines):

sudo port install pango +quartz +no_x11
sudo port install cairo +quartz +no_x11
sudo port install gtk2 +quartz

Next install bzr and its utils:

sudo port install bzr
sudo port install bzrtools
sudo port install bzr-gtk

Or just download a .dmg and install it from http://wiki.bazaar.canonical.com/Download

Install the build tools needed for MariaDB

  • bison sudo port install bison
  • autoconf (this might already be installed) sudo port install autoconf
  • libtool (this might already be installed) sudo port install libtool

Your Mac should now have everything it needs to get, compile, and otherwise work with the MariaDB source code. The next step is to actually get a copy of the code. For help with this see the Getting the MariaDB Source Code page.


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