The most recent stable release of MariaDB Connector/C is:
MariaDB Connector/C 2.3.2

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Release date: 18 Jan 2017

This is a Beta release of MariaDB Connector/C, formerly known as the MariaDB Client Library for C. As with any other pre-production release, cautions should be taken when installing on production systems or systems with critical data.

For a description of this library see the MariaDB Connector/C page.


Binary packages for Windows (32 and 64-bit) and generic Linux packages as well as source code packages are available from the MariaDB download page

New features

  • Indicator variables for prepared statements
  • MDEV-9114 bulk operations (array binding) for prepared statements (insert, update, delete).
  • support for extended client/server capabilities (requires MariaDB 10.2 or newer)
  • The DBUG library was removed from Connector/C 3.0
  • Connector/C 2.3.2 now supports client plugins from MariaDB Server and Connector/C 3.0, for example GSSAPI plugin for kerberos authentication. Older plugins from previous versions of Connector/C can't be used anymore and might crash.


New API functions and enhancements

Notable bug fixes

  • CONC-224: Allow to build Connector/C without TLS/SSL support
  • CONC-223: Add client support for missing collations
  • CONC-218: reset a previously used statement when calling mysql_stmt_attr_set with option STMT_ATTR_PREBIND_PARAMS
  • CONC-217: mariadb_stmt_execute_direct: Clear error message from mysql_stmt_execute if prepare failed
  • CONC-202: remove definition of _snprintf (failed with Visual Studio 15)
  • CONC-200: support of my_ulonglong
  • CONC-180: return system error message in case of SEC_E_INTERNAL_ERROR (Schannel)
  • CONC-177: Fixed length calculation for zerofill conversion from float/double to string
  • CONC-170: missing blank in mariadb_config --libs output
  • CONC-169: Memory corruption in mariadb_dyncol_unpack
  • CONC-168: string conversion of timestamps is broken
  • CONC-161: Increase username length to 128
  • CONC-160: field metadata doesn't show NUM_FLAG for NEWDECIMAL columns
  • CONC-155: return trailing zero when fetching from binary columns into string
  • CONC-154: set statement status to MYSQL_STMT_FETCH_DONE if result set is empty or mysql_stmt_reset was called
  • Solaris build fixes
  • Build fixes for gcc 4.8
  • Fixed possible overrun in authentication
  • fixed crash in shared memory connection
  • Fixed memory overrun in my_strdup_root
  • binary fetch fixes for prepared statements:
    • append trailing \0 for strings
    • don't remove last byte for binary objects
  • removed call of gnutls_bye() since server is not able to detect dead socket
  • Added new cipher mapping for GnuTLS
  • removed global context for TLS/SSL sessions
  • fixed wrong behavior when using SChannel: SEC_I_RENEGOTIATE is now handled as error
  • Optimization for re-preparing statement: Don't send COM_STMT_RESET if we will send COM_STMT_CLOSE afterwards
  • MDEV-10894: fixed conversion for big-endian platforms
  • MDEV-11008: Connector/C integration does not respect INSTALL_LIBDIR or INSTALL_DOCDIR
  • MDEV-10357: my_context_continue() does not store current fiber on Windows
  • Added support for OpenSSL 1.1
  • fixed build when using GnuTLS. Minimum required version of GnuTLS is 3.3.24
  • fixed output for plugin directory in mariadb_config
  • added sigpipe handler for OpenSSL

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