The MariaDB project is a community project governed by the MariaDB Foundation. Please see the Maintenance Policy on the MariaDB Foundation website.

The MariaDB project is as active as the community around it and the MariaDB Foundation members actively working on and enhancing MariaDB. Therefore, from the MariaDB project perspective, the aspiration is for each major version of MariaDB to be maintained for five years after its initial stable (GA) version.

The guideline for supporting this policy is that bug reports not accepted by a member within 1 month on any major release over 5 years old will be marked "unmaintained" and closed. If bug reports are accepted within the 1 month timeframe, builds will only be packaged if the ESC expressly requests this.

With this guideline in mind and the aspiration of having each major release maintained for five years after the first stable (GA) release all versions of MariaDB from 5.5 are currently "maintained". The following schedule shows the dates:

Major VersionStable (GA) DateFive year boundary date
MariaDB 5.11 Feb 20101 Feb 2015
MariaDB 5.210 Nov 201010 Nov 2015
MariaDB 5.329 Feb 20121 Mar 2017
MariaDB 5.511 Apr 201211 March 2020
MariaDB 10.031 Mar 201431 Mar 2019
MariaDB 10.117 Oct 201517 Oct 2020
MariaDB 10.2Not Stable5 years after stable (GA) release date

MariaDB Corporation can of course offer additional Technical Support and Services to their customers that cover the versions even longer and provide SLA commitments for additional feeds. Please contact us for more details.

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