MariaDB starting with 10.0.2

MariaDB has supported global transaction IDs (GTIDs) for replication since version 10.0.2.

The mysql.gtid_slave_pos table is used in replication by slave servers to keep track of their current position (the global transaction ID of the last transaction applied). Using the table allows the slave to maintain a consistent value for the gtid_slave_pos system variable across server restarts. See Global Transaction ID.

You should never attempt to modify the table directly. If you do need to change the global gtid_slave_pos value, use SET GLOBAL gtid_slave_pos = ... instead.

The table contains the following fields:

domain_idint(10) unsignedNOPRINULLDomain id (see Global Transaction ID domain ID.
sub_idbigint(20) unsignedNOPRINULLThis field enables multiple parallel transactions within same domain_id to update this table without contention. At any instant, the replication state corresponds to records with largest sub_id for each domain_id.
server_idint(10) unsignedNONULLServer id.
seq_nobigint(20) unsignedNONULLSequence number, an integer that is monotonically increasing for each new event group logged into the binlog.


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