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Note that many of the main features in MySQL 5.6 and MySQL 5.7 are already present (and in optimized form) in MariaDB 5.5, MariaDB 10.0 and MariaDB 10.1.

"What is MariaDB 10.2" shows all features already implemented for 10.2

MariaDB 10.2

The following features were discussed at the 2015 MariaDB Developer's Meeting for consideration in MariaDB 10.2

Windowing functions

Base functionality already pushed to main 10.2 branch


  • Virtual columns with functional indexes
  • MySQL 5.7 uses non-standard names, suggest to use standard names
  • Perhaps more strictly-typed than MySQL implementation

InnoDB improvements from MySQL 5.7

  • Small changes in the interfaces
  • Changes on tablespaces
  • GIS indexes
  • Index concurrency improvements
  • Performance Schema changes
  • Virtual indexes


  • Semi-sync replication improvements (multi-source proof) - likely
  • Galera 4.0 and other improvements - MariaDB Corporation focus
  • Critical cloud deployment
  • Google patches (GTID idexing, "no slave left behind")
  • Tools for automating failover (Shlomi's orchestrator)
  • Crash-safety with log position
  • MariaDB replication in Performance Schema
  • Rollback binlog to certain point in history - community patch


  • Support for key management systems
  • Support for backup systems
  • mysqlbinlog
  • Galera integration


  • Kerberos plugin (maybe in 10.1 as well)
  • Expiration of user passwords - MDEV-7597
  • Block user accounts after failed login attempts - MDEV-7598
  • Encryption enhancements (discussed above)


  • Better documentation for building packages on your own
  • Interoperability between MariaDB, MySQL and Percona Server
    • Configuration and data separation
  • Use one packaging system to generate all packages
    • Can Cpack be used for all packages?

Storage engines

  • Change to API
    • Query fragment push down, server-side part and then another part in the storage engines that want to use it
    • Remote engines like FederatedX, Connect, Spider, will get performance boost
    • https://dev.mysql.com/worklog/task/?id=4292
  • RocksDB
  • Spider
  • ScaleDB
  • Cassandra (disable from compiling)

Connector requirements for server

  • Binary protocol / Prepare statements
    • Batch update
    • Prepare and Execute (prepare the placeholders for the values (?) )
    • Option to return resultset only once (now returned twice or more)
  • Support for native Windows SSL (SChannel)

MaxScale issues for server

  • A user has to be created twice
    • Once for her actual host, once for the Maxscale host; grants have to be given to both
    • Idea to get rid of this
  • Double passing of queries
    • Passing of parsetree to server


We manage our development plans in JIRA, so the definitive list will be there. This search shows what we currently plan for 10.2. It shows all tasks with the Fix-Version being 10.2. Not all these tasks will really end up in 10.2, but tasks with the "red" priorities have a much higher chance of being done in time for 10.2. Practically, you can think of these tasks as "features that will be in 10.2". Tasks with the "green" priorities probably won't be in 10.2. Think of them as "bonus features that would be nice to have in 10.2".

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