The MariaDB team can only promise to cover bugs in MariaDB. For bugs in MySQL®, we can't give any guarantees. However, bugs in MySQL that directly affect MariaDB are likely to be fixed or worked around by the MariaDB team.

The MariaDB development release policy follows the MySQL release criteria. In addition to this we have the following project commitments for the maturity stages:

The release policy for all MariaDB (including Alpha) releases:

  • All MariaDB releases should be free from bugs that can cause problems in 'normal' operation for most users.
  • The MariaDB release will include all changes from the main MySQL tree up to at least the latest stable build of MySQL.
  • If we make a release with known critical bugs (for example, if there is a really nasty bug we want to fix at once and get the fix out, while we are fixing other bugs), they will be documented in the KNOWN_BUGS.txt file.

Commitment for Beta Releases

  • MariaDB is feature complete according to what is agreed among the MariaDB team captains for the release. All API:s and storage formats should be stable. There should be no known serious bugs that would affect normal operation.

Commitment for Gamma/RC Releases

  • No known serious bugs
  • We believe the code is ready for general usage (based on bug inflow), but we want more testing before calling it stable

Commitment for Stable/GA Releases

  • No known serious bugs
  • No bugs fixed since last release that caused any notable code changes.
  • We believe the code is ready for general usage (based on bug inflow).

In the rare case when there is a bug that can't be fixed in a specific release (either because it's a design bug or the bug fix is likely to cause other, possibly worse bugs), we will document it in the KNOWN_BUGS.txt file that comes with the MariaDB distribution. However, we will try to keep these kinds of open bugs at a minimum.

Security releases

See our bug fixing policy page for information of how and when security updates are done.


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