This page documents status variables related to the MariaDB Audit Plugin. See Server Status Variables for a complete list of status variables that can be viewed with SHOW STATUS.

See also the Full list of MariaDB options, system and status variables.


  • Description: If the auditing is actually working. It gets the ON value when the logging is successfully started. Then it can get the OFF value if the logging was stopped or log records can't be properly stored due to file or syslog errors.
  • Data Type: boolean


  • Description: The name of the logfile or the SYSLOG parameters that are in current use.
  • Data Type: string


  • Description: If something went wrong with the logging here you can see the message.
  • Data Type: string


  • Description: The number of log records since last logging-start that weren't properly stored because of errors of any kind.
  • Data Type: numeric
  • Default Value: 0


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