TEXT[(M)] [CHARACTER SET charset_name] [COLLATE collation_name]


A TEXT column with a maximum length of 65,535 (216 - 1) characters. The effective maximum length is less if the value contains multi-byte characters. Each TEXT value is stored using a two-byte length prefix that indicates the number of bytes in the value.

An optional length M can be given for this type. If this is done, MariaDB creates the column as the smallest TEXT type large enough to hold values M characters long.

Currently, all MariaDB collations are of type PADSPACE, meaning that TEXT (as well as VARCHAR and CHAR values) are compared without regard for trailing spaces. This does not apply to the LIKE pattern-matching operator, which takes into account trailing spaces.

Before MariaDB 10.2.1, BLOB and TEXT columns could not be assigned a DEFAULT value. This restriction was lifted in MariaDB 10.2.1.


Trailing spaces:

CREATE TABLE strtest (d TEXT(10));
INSERT INTO strtest VALUES('Maria   ');

SELECT d='Maria',d='Maria   ' FROM strtest;
| d='Maria' | d='Maria   ' |
|         1 |            1 |

SELECT d LIKE 'Maria',d LIKE 'Maria   ' FROM strtest;
| d LIKE 'Maria' | d LIKE 'Maria   ' |
|              0 |                 1 |

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