The most recent release in the MariaDB 10.0 series is:

MariaDB 10.0.21Download Now

MariaDB 10.0 is the current stable version of MariaDB. It is built on the MariaDB 5.5 series with backported features from MySQL 5.6 and entirely new features not found anywhere else.

For details on upgrading from MariaDB 5.5, see Upgrading from MariaDB 5.5 to MariaDB 10.0.

Implemented Features

Features that are in a release, or in the source tree on launchpad.

New Features

New Features Re-implemented from a similar MySQL feature

New Features Backported from MySQL 5.6

Security Vulnerabilities Fixed in MariaDB 10.0

For a complete list of security vulnerabilities (CVEs) fixed across all versions of MariaDB, see the Security Vulnerabilities Fixed in MariaDB page.

List of all MariaDB 10.0 releases

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