The most recent release of MariaDB 10.2 is:
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Do not use beta releases on production systems!

MariaDB 10.2 is the current major development version.

The following lists the major new features in MariaDB 10.2:

Implemented Features




Information Schema


  • EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON now shows outer_ref_condition field which contains the condition that the(?) SELECT checks on each re-execution - MDEV-9 — Original code from Galina Shalygina652.
  • EXPLAN FORMAT=JSON now shows sort_key field which shows the sort criteria used by filesort operation. (commit 2078392)
  • EXPLAIN used to show incorrect information about how the optimizer resolved ORDER BY clause or Distinct. This was a long-standing problem with roots back in MySQL. Now, after MDEV-8646 and related fixes, the problem doesn't exist anymore. (For test cases, see MDEV-7982, MDEV-8857, MDEV-7885, MDEV-326)


  • Connection setup was made faster by moving creation of THD to new thread (MDEV-6150)
  • Pushdown conditions into non-mergeable views/derived tables (MDEV-9197). — Original code from Galina Shalygina



For a list of all new variables, see System Variables Added in MariaDB 10.2 and Status Variables Added in MariaDB 10.2. These include:



  • "fast mutexes" have been removed. These aren't faster than normal mutexes, and have been disabled by default for years - MDEV-8111.

List of all MariaDB 10.2 releases

DateReleaseStatusRelease NotesChangelog
24 Dec 2016MariaDB 10.2.3BetaRelease NotesChangelog
27 Sep 2016MariaDB 10.2.2BetaRelease NotesChangelog
4 Jul 2016MariaDB 10.2.1AlphaRelease NotesChangelog
18 Apr 2016MariaDB 10.2.0AlphaRelease NotesChangelog

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