Comments - mariaDB_client-1-0-0_win64 in Visual Studio 2012

9 years ago Olivier Freiman

Actually, though a question posted on Stackoverflow, with more information, I was provided with the answer: If one installs the mariadbclinet-x64, all the development environment must be under x64, and *not* win32. This can be set under the Property Sheet of the Project. On the very top of the windows displaying the properties, the user can see "win32" environment (even though the Visual Studio 2012 can do x64 and was installed under Win7 x64). opening the list of choices does NOT offer x64, but just new... The user must chose "new..." environment which will then offer "x64" as a possible new choice. Then, by miracle, on the next build, a successful link will occur (if everything else (such as correctly specifying the library to link, for instance, as suggested by Sergii) is in order, of course.

-- Thank you Sergii for your answer, which could not be more helpful, because I did not provide you with enough information.

I hope my answer will help other programmers in the future.

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