MaxScale and mariaDB multi source replication

I would like to have 4 master DB that replicates to 2 slave server in chain as depicted for 2 DB only in

So that I have srv-master1 that replicates a DB to srv-slave1 srv-master2 that replicates a DB to srv-slave1 srv-master3 that replicates a DB to srv-slave1 srv-master4 that replicates a DB to srv-slave1 srv-slave1 that in turn replicates all DBs to srv-slave2

I would like to configure MaxScale in order to have different listeners: list1 (srv-master1, srv-slave1, srv-slave2) list2 (srv-master2, srv-slave1, srv-slave2) list3 (srv-master3, srv-slave1, srv-slave2) list4 (srv-master4, srv-slave1, srv-slave2)

Is this configuration documented? Can I find same samples and tutorials?

kind regards, Fabrizio


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