MaxScale data masking

We are currently in the process of implementing MaxScale 2.2 on our production servers. I am tasked with finding a solution to our DEV/QA data refreshes that will pull data from production into DEV/QA for testing purposes. Certain column data needs to be obscured (i.e. First Name, Last Name, Address) before we can import into a DEV/QA database. The data masking filter was a possible solution but the only way the data is obscured is to replace with a fixed character (i.e. "x") but this was not viable. One example of what we want to do is to have a MaxScale data masking filter option that will allow the column data to be replaced with a random value from a lookup table on the same database server. For example, the data masking filter would replace the column "first_name" with a random value from a lookup table called "first_names" on the same database server.

Is there any road map in the near future that will expand upon the data masking filter to allow replacing values with a random value in a lookup table?

Answer Answered by Markus Mäkelä in this comment.

I'd recommend filing this as a feature request on the MariaDB Jira under the MaxScale project:

Sounds like a very useful feature to have.


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