Comments - MaxScale Read/Write Splitting with Galera Cluster

6 years, 11 months ago Yu Denis

Having socket info should not be a problem.If specified,i got:

Service Name         | Protocol Module    | Address         | Port  | State
Splitter Service     | MySQLClient        | *               |  3308 | Running
Splitter Service     | MySQLClient        | /tmp/ClusterMaster |     0 | Running
CLI                  | maxscaled          | localhost       |  6603 | Running

Make sure the user starting the maxscale is the same user owns /tmp/ClusterMaster. Initially i had root own everything, then later i started the maxscale with "mysql" user, but /tmp/ClusterMaster was sill owned by root, that caused problem in my case:

2016-04-12 13:37:14   error  : Failed to unlink Unix Socket /tmp/ClusterMaster: 1 Operation not permitted
2016-04-12 13:37:14   error  : Failed to bind to UNIX Domain socket '/tmp/ClusterMaster': 98, Address already in use
2016-04-12 13:37:14   error  : Unable to start to listen port 0 for MySQLClient Splitter Service.

After deleting the file owned by root, everything is fine.

- Denis

- Denis

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