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1 year ago Testing User A Test

On all the nodes, I have the following section defined on /etc/maxscale.cnf:

[MariaDB-Monitor] type=monitor

  1. module=mariadbmon module=galeramon servers=server1,server2,server3 user=monitor password=testing monitor_interval=2s

I have already created the user 'monitor' on mariadb with the following statement:

CREATE USER 'monitor'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'testing';

1 year ago Markus Mäkelä

The Failed to connect to server 'server1' error means the monitor was not able to connect to the server when it was checking if the user configured for it has all the required grants. Usually you'll also get other errors in the log stating what the actual problem was.

I'd recommend checking the user account on server1' for any problems.

1 year ago Testing User A Test

The '1.' text was changed from '#', which is a comment line on 'module=mariadbmon' statement.

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