Merging New XtraDB Releases (obsolete)

Note: This page is obsolete. The information is old, outdated, or otherwise currently incorrect. We are keeping the page for historical reasons only. Do not rely on the information in this article.


Percona used to maintain XtraDB as a patch series against the InnoDB plugin. This affected how we started merging XtraDB in.

Now Percona maintains a normal source repository on launchpad (lp:percona-server). But we continue to merge the old way to preserve the history of our changes.


There used to be a lp:percona-xtradb tree, that we were merging from as:

bzr merge lp:percona-xtradb

Now we have to maintain our own XtraDB-5.5 repository to merge from. It is lp:~maria-captains/maria/xtradb-mergetree-5.5. Follow the procedures as described in Merging with a merge tree to merge from it.


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