About the MariaDB Knowledge Base

The MariaDB Knowledge Base is a repository for all MariaDB related information as well as information about MySQL® and tools and other software that works with MariaDB and MySQL.

Anyone can start contributing right away by registering for a new account. Once you are logged in you can ask questions, edit pages, or create new pages.


The MariaDB Knowledge Base exists to document and answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) about MariaDB and MySQL.

The Knowledge Base serves as the primary documentation for the open source database MariaDB. Where possible, all content is dual-licensed under the Creative Commons By Attribution Share Alike clause, and the GFDL. Some content (e.g. the content from the MariaDB source code and man pages) is used and licensed under the terms of the GPLv2. [1]


The Knowledge Base is laid out in a tree structure. When a user has a question, they are encouraged to navigate the Knowledge Base tree to where they think the answer should be. If the answer is not there, the user can ask a question from that page. If the answer exists somewhere else in the Knowledge Base, the answer to the question is linked to the page the user went to. If the answer doesn't exist, members of the MariaDB community answer it. The answer to the user's question will then be in a good (and hopefully logical) location ready for the next time a user visits the Knowledge Base with the same question.

The goal is for the Knowledge Base to be a replacement for Forums, Email lists (when asking for help), a Bug system, FAQ, and the MySQL / MariaDB manual.


The KB is written in Django with a MariaDB backend. The KB code is planned to be released as GPL as soon as it's stabilized.


The Contributing to the MariaDB Knowledge Base page has information on how you can help make this Knowledge Base better.

Contribution statistics from all users can be viewed here: https://mariadb.com/kb/stats/users/

See also


  1. Learn more about how licensing in the Knowledge Base works.


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