Adding a New Language

This is the process for Bryan to add a new supported language. If you are not Bryan, ask him.

  • Add the new language to the file (The list is here)
  • Create the top level category named "MariaDB - Language", i.e. "MariaDB - Korean"
    • Make sure you set "Localized Version Of" to MariaDB
    • Set language to the correct language.
    • After saving, go back and change the slug to just "mariadb".
  • Create the "Group to Node" permissions
    • anon-all -> MariaDB - Language
    • Translator -> MariaDB - Language
    • authenticated-all -> MariaDB - Language
    • External Editor -> MariaDB - Language
  • Create Meta - Language Node
  • Create Group to Node permissions
    • anon-all -> Meta - Language
    • Translator -> Meta - Language
    • authenticated-all -> Meta - Language
    • External Editor -> Meta - Language


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