Editing Content with a Text Editor

Editing a long or especially complex document in the Knowledge Base can be difficult. An easier way to edit is to use a dedicated text editor. This can be done manually by copying the "Content" area, pasting it into a new text editor window, editing, and then copy-pasting the updated text back, but both Firefox and Chrome have plugins that make the process much easier.

It's All Text! for Firefox

The It's All Text! plugin for Mozilla Firefox is easy to setup and use. Just follow the installation and usage instructions on the It's All Text! plugin install page and you'll soon be able to easily edit Knowledge Base articles in your favorite text editor.

Edit with Emacs for Chrome

Because of the way Chrome sandboxes apps and plugins, the Edit with Emacs plugin, which works similarly to It's All Text! once installed and configured, is harder to setup. The main gotcha is the requirement for running an external edit server script that the plugin talks with to open the Content area in the text editor of your choice.

Examples and instructions are provided on the Edit with Emacs page on the Chrome web store. It's also worth noting that even though the plugin is called Edit with Emacs, other text editors, such as Vim, can be used.

Syntax File for Vim

There is a syntax file for Vim available on Github. It includes highlighting for the MariaDB Knowledge Base Creole syntax, along with highlighting for many of the special Knowledge Base Macros. The package also includes several useful snippets that can be used with snipMate.


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