Special Characters

HTML ASCII Characters

Several HTML ASCII characters can be created in our documentation with Creole Wiki by using the <<entity>> macro. Just type the entity name, without the leading '&' and trailing ';'. For example, to create an em-dash you would enter <<entity>>mdash<</entity>>.

Below is a list characters that are allowed in Creole Wiki, along with their HTML equivalent and how to format them in Creole Wiki:

CharacterHTMLCreole WikiDescription
·&middot;<<entity>>middot<</entity>>Middle Dot
&lsquo;<<entity>>lsquo<</entity>>Left Single-Quote
&rsquo;<<entity>>rsquo<</entity>>Right Single-Quote
&ldquo;<<entity>>ldquo<</entity>>Left Double-Quote
&rdquo;<<entity>>rdquo<</entity>>Right Double-Quote
 &nbsp;<<entity>>nbsp<</entity>>Non-Breaking Space
®&reg;<<entity>>reg<</entity>>Registered Mark
©&copy;<<entity>>copy<</entity>>Copyright Mark
&trade;<<entity>>trade<</entity>>Trade Mark


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