Images and Attachments

To add an image or attach a file to an article, first upload the it using the "Edit" link in the "Attachments" section of the sidebar.

When uploading the file you will be prompted to give it a "slug" or name. You can use letters, numbers, and dashes (-) in the name. After it is uploaded, you can refer to it with:



For example, I've attached a pdf document that I've named "mariadb-seal-pdf". I can add a link to this document with:


Which shows up like so:


You can also provide alt-text, like with links. For example, I can change the displayed text for the attachment above like so:

{{mariadb-seal-pdf|The MariaDB seal logo (in pdf format)}}

Which shows up like so:

The MariaDB seal logo (in pdf format)


I've attached an image named "mariadb" to this article and if I use the following code:


The image is shown like so:


Advanced Image Formatting

To control the size an image is displayed or make it link to another page or url you can use the image macro.

<<image slug=mariadb width=50 height=50 href="" alt="MariaDB Foundation">>

Which displays like:

MariaDB Foundation

You can also pass a "style" or "class" parameter if you need custom css.


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