IRC Chat Servers and Zulip Instance

Most of the day-to-day communication among active MariaDB developers is done using IRC and Zulip, an open-source tool providing IRC and Slack-like functionality.

MariaDB's Zulip instance is available at

The MariaDB project's official IRC channel is #maria on Freenode. In late 2015, #maria-dev was added for development-specific chat.

Users are asked to keep their best interests in mind when interacting with busy developers in our big tent.

If you have never used IRC before, this page will help get you up and running:

Also check out the IRC tutorial here:

Freenode Webchat

You can jump into the #maria channel without having to download and install a dedicated IRC client by clicking on the link below:

After clicking on the link you will need to fill in a captcha (challenge-response test to prove you are human) before you connect and you will have an opportunity to choose a custom nickname (a random nick is supplied for you).

If you are a developer, you probably also want to join the #maria-dev channel that is dedicated to discussing development issues like bug fixing, developing new features and explaining the current MariaDB source code.

IRC Statistics and Logs

You can view the logs of the #maria channel at #maria logs.

To view fun statistics about who chats on the #maria channel, visit #maria @ Freenode stats.

Problems with Xchat and SASL

If you get the following error when using XChat: "You need to identify via SASL to use this server"

The following instructions should help you solve this:

Download the cap_sasl_xchat script and copy it to your xchat directory (probably ~/.xchat2)]

Then restart XChat, connect to freenode and do:

/sasl set freenode [your_Freenode_Nickname] [your_Nick_password] PLAIN
/sasl save

freenode above is the name of the freenode server in the network list.

You can find more information at:

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