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7 years, 7 months ago Samuel Liang

I had set wsrep_debug=1, than output below log: [Note] WSREP: empty rbr buffer, query: LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ... FIELDS TERMINATED BY '\|' OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY '\'' LINES TERMINATED BY '\r\n', affected rows: 1, changed tables: 1, sql_log_bin: 1, wsrep status (3 2 0)

Could you help me?

7 years, 7 months ago Samuel Liang


My steps : First, I try open wsrep log via wsrep_debug = 1 on server.cnf Then, from log find "empty rbr buffer" message. Second, I search what is rbr? Its mean is "Row based replication". Next, I find binlog_format have three modes : STATEMENT/ROW/MIXED. Our environment is "STATEMENT", but this mode not support LOAD FILE replication. Must setting to "ROW". So, after testing OK!

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