Library Search Operators

The following special operators can be used when searching the Library:

Search operators

  • operator OR:
    hello | world
  • operator NOT:
    hello -world
    • You can also use:
      hello !world
  • field search operator:
    @title hello @answer world
  • field position limit modifier:
    @answer[50] hello
  • multiple-field search operator:
    @(title,answer) hello world
  • all-field search operator:
    @* hello
  • phrase search operator:
    "hello world"
  • proximity search operator:
    "hello world"~10
  • quorum matching operator:
    "the world is a wonderful place"/3
  • strict order operator (aka operator "before"):
    aaa << bbb << ccc
  • exact form modifier:
    raining =cats and =dogs
  • field-start and field-end modifier:
    ^hello world$

Here's an example query that uses some of the above operators:

"hello world" @title "example program"~5 @answer python -(php|perl) @* code

Field names

Valid field names include:

  • title
  • answer
  • question
  • node_id
  • user_id
  • type
  • type_crc
  • status
  • status_crc
  • answered
  • created
  • modified


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