MariaDB FTP Server

The MariaDB Foundation has provided a secure FTP server which can be used to upload files to be used by MariaDB developers, for example table structure and data for bug reports.

To access it, use your favorite FTP client and anonymously connect to

Optional TLS FTP connections are allowed (encouraged), depending on your FTP client, you may have to accept the TLS certificate (Let's Encrypt).

After you log in, you will see three folders: private, public, and secret.

  • The public folder is for files that the MariaDB developers want to give the public access to (patches, samples etc).
  • The private folder is for uploads. Files uploaded there can only be accessed by MariaDB developers. You will not be able to see your upload and this folder does not allow downloads. This is done to protect any sensitive information which may be in test results, mysqld & core files. Upload those into this folder
  • The secret folder is for private downloads. Files in this folder are not visible so you will need the complete filename to successfully download a file from this folder.

You can also use the following curl command to upload a file directly in the private folder in a secure way:

curl -T MDEV-XXXXX_sql_dump.tgz --ssl-reqd

Note: trailing / is necessary on curl url.

Using lftp (enter a blank password):

lftp -u anonymous -e 'put  MDEV-XXXXX_sql_dump.tgz'

Members of the MariaDB Developer Team have their SSH key automatically deployed on that server and SSH access with the devteam user should be working:

ssh -p65001


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