Planned Knowledge Base Improvements

This articles contains the result of discussions about improving community participation and increasing the usability of the Library by improving how it is organized.

Group Category pages

Categories with a large number of entries can be problematic. By grouping elements we can avoid deep nesting but better organize the page. For example, on this page it could be split into:

  • Text Data Types
  • Integer data types
  • Etc.

Implementation to be determined, but one idea is to have an "embed in parent category" attribute for each category.


Auto generated blurbs make life easy for authors but are not always readable. Add a new blurb field that will be used if set. If not, fall back to auto grabbing text.

Remove comments from listing page

Most articles have 0 comments but this number is too prominently displayed. It might help make the page more readable.

Display questions differently

Underlining is evil

Search improvements

  • Weight title matches higher
  • Scan for subheadings (difficult to do)
  • Review logs of what people search for.


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