The <<button>> macro

The button macro provides a way to place clickable buttons in articles. Buttons are better than regular links for some things. Buttons can be different sizes, colors, and can link to both internal and external resources.

Usage examples

Standard buttons

<<style class="centered">>
<<button target="">>Click me<</button>>

<<button target="mariadb">>Links to slug<</button>>

Different Sizes

<<style class="centered">>
<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-large">>btn-large<</button>>

<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-small">>btn-small<</button>>

<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-mini">>btn-mini<</button>>

Different colors

<<style class="centered">>
<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-small btn-primary">>btn-primary<</button>>
<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-small btn-success">>btn-success<</button>>
<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-small btn-info">>btn-info<</button>>
<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-small btn-warning">>btn-warning<</button>>\\\\
<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-small btn-danger">>btn-danger<</button>>
<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-small btn-inverse">>btn-inverse<</button>>
<<button target="mariadb" class="btn-small btn-link">>btn-link<</button>>

Note: A btn-link button behaves like a button (larger clickable target area around the text) but looks like a link.


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