The <<product>> Macro


<<product {mariadb | mysql | maxscale} { version=# | from=# | to=# } [indent=L]>>
  • from and to may be combined.
  • replace # with the MariaDB/MySQL version you are specifying
  • For indent, replace L with the indent level you want (corresponds to list indent levels)


The <<product>> macro allows sections of articles to be marked as applying to a specific product and version.

When using the <<product>> macro, a Product Versions menu will also appear in the sidebar listing all products that appear in the article and allow you to highlight them (by graying out other versions).


Version example

<<product mariadb version=5.5.24>>
This only applies to **MariaDB** version 5.5.24.

Renders as:

MariaDB 5.5.24

This only applies to MariaDB version 5.5.24.

From example

<<product mariadb from=10.8>>
This applies to **MariaDB** 10.8 and up.

Renders as:

MariaDB starting with 10.8

This applies to MariaDB 10.8 and up.

To example

<<product mariadb to=10.2>>
This applies up to **MariaDB** version 10.2.

Renders as:

MariaDB until 10.2

This applies up to MariaDB version 10.2.

From To example

<<product mysql from=3.23 to=5>>
This applies to **MySQL** 3.23 to 5

Renders as:

MySQL 3.23 - 5

This applies to MySQL 3.23 to 5


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