Migrate from MySQL 8 to MariaDB 10.3.24 - HowTo?

I would like to migrate from MySQL 8 to MariaDB 10.3. (the reason why i want to migrate to MariaDB 10.3. is that my hoster which i will use is using this version)

I have an existing database in MySQL 8 and now i want to try to migrate it at first step localy (on windows).

So i installed MariaDB 10.3. and now i have the HeidiSQL - Client?

What is the easiest way now to transfer it from MySQL 8 to MariaDB 10.3.?

(at first i tried it with one table export as sql-file - but this was not working properly...)

Are there any recommendations how i can do this on windows?

Answer Answered by Max Pol in this comment.

i think it worked for me now and i have the whole db in mariadb 10_3_24

This worked for me: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/29916610/1273-unknown-collation-utf8mb4-unicode-ci-cpanel

- i made 2 exports in mysql 8 with the workbench - 1x for the structure and 1x for the data - then i made the following replacements in the structure file utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci to utf8_unicode_ci utf8mb4 to utf8 utf8_unicode_520_ci to utf8_unicode_ci - after that i was able to import the structure and afterwards the data in to the mariadb with the workbench

Thanks for your tipps

After that


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