Migrating users table from Maria 10.2.22 to MariaDB 10.4.7

I have an application using MariaDB Server version 10.2.22 which I am planning to migrate that application to MariaDB 10.4.7.

In the process of securing the database using mysql_secure_installation script, I noticed that the mysql.users table is now a view and the table to look for user information is called mysql.global_priv. This is the case when I install MariaDB Server version 10.4.7. However, when I do yum update to upgrade my running application from MariaDB Server 10.2.22 to MariaDB Server 10.4.7, I end with a DB that does not have a mysql.global_priv table but continues to have a mysql.user table.

Given the current direction outlined in the documentation for the user table, what is the correct procedure to migrate the contents of the mysql.user table to the new mysql.global_priv table when upgrading MariaDB Server versions?

TIA, Jaime

Answer Answered by Ian Gilfillan in this comment.


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