Multi Master Replication and Skip Error

Hi Guys

I have 3 MariaDB 10 servers all running on Ubuntu 14.04 in a multi master replication setup.

I had an issue the other day with replication where one of my slaves was asking me to run "SET GLOBAL sql_slave_skip_counter=1; start slave;"

After running the command it did not fix the issue. So I tried "stop all slaves; SET GLOBAL sql_slave_skip_counter=1; start all slaves;" and still the issue was there.

I'm wondering if it's because I'm using GlobaI Transaction ID's?

Using_Gtid: Slave_Pos

If this is the case then can some one explain to me how I would over come this replication error while using Global Transaction ID's?


Answer Answered by Kristian Nielsen in this comment.

It sounds like your problem is that the data on your slave has become different from the data on your master. You probably need to re-create the slave. And preferably understand what led to the error in the first case.

From what you write, your issue does not seem to be directly related to the use of GTID or not.


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