Multiple maxScale on the same cluster

In order to avoid maxScale to be the single point of failure in the architecture of a clustered mariaDB servers, I would like to move maxScale to the real server of the app-cluster, having a maxscale running on each app node, instead of having a balancing layer with only one max scale. Each MaxScale is connected to teh same clusters and all the app-cluster servers connect to the same DBs. This should be needed also for performance issue since all the traffic must be managed by the single MaxScale. Is this a supported configuration? Do you have guidelins or tutorials? If not supported is it possible to have at least to maxScale in HA as it happens for HAProxy?

My architecture should look like:

App-server1 with MaxScale1 . . . App-serverN with MaxScaleN

MaxScale1 has a listener to (MariaDb-srv1, MariaDb-srv2, MariaDb-srv3) . . . MaxScaleN has a listener to (MariaDb-srv1, MariaDb-srv2, MariaDb-srv3)

App-server1 ... App-serverN read and writes of all the DB hosted in the cluster (MariaDb-srv1, MariaDb-srv2, MariaDb-srv3)

kind regards, Fabrizio


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