mysql cannot start when the my.cnf file is having the !includedir


I am facing a issue currently when i try to use the mysqld_safe to start the mysql, it cannot start and didn't show any error. I had do a few checking and test and found that the problem is caused by the my.cnf file. I found that if i having the !includedir line in the my.cnf, then when run the mysqld_safe to start the mysql it cannot start. But if i try to remove this !includedir, then it can start correctly.

[client] port = 3308 socket = /u/multiMysql/socket/mysql3308.sock [mysqld] datadir=/u/multiMysql/datadir/3308 port = 3308 socket = /u/multiMysql/socket/mysql3308.sock

!includedir /u/multiMysql/etc/my-local

May i know anyone having any idea on this issue?


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